Yomura Technologies is a leading manufacturer specialized in plastic injection molding, with special focus on double injection operations.

The advantages of double injection are:yomu

  • Lower labor cost in secondary (post)-process
  • No color fading issue
  • Greater design flexibility

Other areas of expertise are:

Engineering & Consultation:

  • Co-design and development in cooperation with clients
  • Expertise in mechanical design
  • Prototype, mock-up sample and rapid prototyping (3D printing)


  • Full process tooling workshop for molds design and fabrication
  • High standard injection environment and equipment
  • Value added post-process and subassembly
  • EMS or contract manufacturing/ assembly
  • Rigud quality control and on-time delivery

Overmolding: process where one material is molded over another material, usually rubber (TPE) over plastic, for visual or ergonomic appeal. Very often when the design requires "soft touch", overmolding is applied.

EMS/ Medical Contract Manufacturing: 10,000 class and 100,000 class clean room. Contract manufacturing with less MOQ cell production system managed by Shop Floor control (SFC) production management system with barcontrol.


  • Global customer service
  • Technical intelligence consultation
  • Global exhibitions and service trips

Yomura Technologies is ISO 13485:2003, 14001, 9001 certified and hold a FDA-510 (K) clearance.