CICOIL has been leader in high performance flat cables for over fifty years which are used in thousands of demanding applications, including aircraft fuel control cells, semiconductor automation, and the Space Shuttle.

CICOIL designs cable assemblies with complex molding, tubing, or vacuum requirements, utilizing a wide variety of connectors. Applications areas are automation/motion control, military/aerospace, semiconductor and medical.

Any Connector
- ‘D’ Sub, Micro ‘D’, and Nano connectors for small gauge wire
- Circular connectors, Mil-Spec and Industrial
- Lightweight Fiberglass ‘Header’ Connectors machined in-house
- Assemblies available with virtually any connector

Custom Shapes - Formed Cables
- Custom shaped cable assemblies fit precisely into compact spaces
- Complex formed shapes possible, using our 3D modeling software
- Formed cables retain all performance characteristics, including flexibility

- Space/Vacuum Cables meet NASA and ASTM E-595 Low Outgassing Requirements of <1% TML (Total Material Loss), and <0.1% CVCM (Collected Volatile Condensable Material)
- Cables are 100% tested and certified to be low outgassing
- Cables meet Class 1 Clean Room requirements, with zero particulates

- Tubing can be incorporated into any Cicoil Flat Cable
- Teflon®, PVC, Polyurethane or Tygon® Tubing Options available, in standard sizes up to .375″ diameter
- Flat ‘Tubing Only’ cables available, with a mix of virtually any tubing types and sizes- Tubing Assemblies with Tri-Clamp Fittings, Barbed connectors or Luer Adapters available

- Molded connector backshells from hard or flexible Mil-Spec materials
- Complex molding capabilities, including PCBs, metal plates, and insulated junctions
- All tooling designed and manufactured in-house, for fast prototyping