Cable & Tubing Solutions GmbH (CTS) represents several US manufacturers of medical equipment which enables us to offer a large range of solutions in the area of medical and industrial applications and products.
Our medical product portfolio includes non-braided and braided catheters, micro catheters, guide catheters, single and multi-lumen tubes, polyimide tubing, endoscope liners as well as biomedical textiles for medical devices. Secondary operations such as flaring, curving, shaping, bonding, tipping, joining, profiling, molding, modifying standard, heatshrink, and multi-lumen tubing are adding to our portfolio of medical solutions.
Additionally, we are offering machines for cutting different kinds of non-braided, braided and metal tubing, guidewire, hole drilling and hole punching technology for catheters, slitting, flaring, trimming and skiving.
Our industrial product portfolio is currently comprised of multi-conductor cables, litz wire, flexible interconnects, coaxial cables, braids, rope lay cables and un-insulated strands. By representing a German distributor, Danewitz GmbH & Co, we add to our industrial offerings.
Although a young company, our staff brings more than 30 years of combined experience in the medical market and the business realm to offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise.
Our goal is to supply solutions that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements. Our commitment to satisfying our customers is your advantage.

Since 2013 we are certified according to ISO
9001:2008 standards being subject of yearly auditing by DEKRA.
Cable & Tubing Solutions GmbH
Our commitment. Your advantage.