Custom Cables

When a cabling requirement cannot be satisfied with a standard off-the-shelf product we offer made-to-measure Solutions. In some cases clients approach us with a well-defined product briefs including detailed cable diagrams and tables of electrical and physical performance requirements for each component. But we can also work with our clients receiving at best the functional requirements of the cable in a summary written document, or even just an R&D prototype cable assembly whose functionality we have to preserve or improve whilst simplifying design to ensure optimal industrial production efficiency and maximize cost reduction.

We offer wide range of materials and configurations:

These are combined to produce an almost infinite range of possibilities. Optional features include text Printing and embossing on the cable jacket.

Our multi-component approach to cable design and manufacture enables us to offer not only electrical cables but also hybrid configurations including fiber optics and ducts for fluid delivery to electrical components such as cooling liquid or suction tubing, all of them integrated Within a single cable configuration.

All our quotes include a detailed technical description together with a labeled technical drawing of the offered cable.

Some of the advantages our custom cable development projects offer include :

  • Multiple conductor encapsulation and volume reduction
  • Increased cable flexibility
  • Establishing the required Flexing Memory
  • Improved cut and abrasion resistance
  • Dimensional adaptation
  • Improvement in Aesthetics
  • Improved resistance to environmental variables
  • Conformance to specific sectorial and Industry standards

Designs, Standards and Certifications

We manufacturer according to UL / CSA and EC design and can manufacturer according to most other major cable standards

In addition, if a new custom cable project requires a sector-specific certification, not only will we design in the appropriate materials but in addition we will have the cable tested and subsequently certified by one of Europe's major industrial testing and certification laboratories with whom we have a partnership agreement.