Who We Are

At Cable And Tubing Solutions, we design, develop, produce and deliver custom-made and specialty cables, harnesses, tubing and catheters.

Our customers include manufacturers and suppliers of high-technology equipment who operate in particularly demanding sectors such as :

  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Aeronautical
  • Oil exploration and Refining
  • Military

But we also cater to the needs of customers in more fast moving sectors such as electrical engineering/construction, robotics and automotive (electric vehicles)..

Project Management

During project development, we not only collaborate with specialist engineering teams who approach us with well defined physical product briefs, but also with groups or departments who seek a functional solution to a practical or market problem without necessarily possessing the required technical skills, such as marketing, industrial design and start-up management teams. In such cases we begin by helping the customer define the problem in the pertinent engineering terms, before creating the project brief and subsequent quotes.

Production Management

Production is contracted to our select manufacturing partners in Asia, Europe and USA, chosen in relation to their specific area of expertise on a project by project basis. We can also offer standard products from these manufacturers’ off-the-shelf catalog range where necessary.

Centralized European Logistcs

Cable And Tubing Solutions’ headquarters and main warehouse are located in Germany, near Stuttgart. Here goods are received from our manufacturers and assembly units, customs cleared where necessary, stored and subsequently shipped to our European customers, Duty-Paid and invoiced in Euros.